Augmenting Education

Augmented Reality (AR) combines many forms of media, including video, 3D animation, 3D design, audio and storytelling. It’s the perfect context to learn about integration across a broad spectrum of technologies.

Because Augmented Reality covers such a broad range of media types, it’s useful to understand the limitations from within a classroom environment. Fabriko has devised a number of approaches through its successful ‘Koneki - Augmented Storytelling’ programme.

In this session we will cover:

  • An overview of the virtuality spectrum: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality
  • Applying AR to local storytelling and self identity
  • A range of technology: video, graphics, 3D
  • File sharing and management techniques
  • The limitations of Chromebooks, PCs and Tablets,
  • How to setup a workflow by creating a successful technology toolchain for integrating Augmented Reality across many classroom activities.