Engagement Architects

An ongoing engagement platform has the potential to cultivate trust networks and communities, encourage collaborations across departments and organisations, mobilise active citizenships, understand market sentiment from the bottom up and help solve complex problems.

Depending on the need, an engagement programme can take many shapes and forms. No matter the approach, we ensure genuine connections are formed. Here’s some examples:


Fabriko has established, been involved in, contributing to and cultivated local and global communities of practice. These, often informal collectives, act as a bridge between organisations and as platforms to share knowledge and build networks across generations, disciplines and timezones.


Formal education is a solo sport, students work independently often from a single source of knowledge to gain qualifications. Peer-to-peer networks work on the basis of open knowledge exchange and collaboration. We create frameworks that enable these open environments to thrive.


Innovation happens in the space between the product and the end user. This space is often under-estimated. We ensure that appropriate channels for bottom-up communication can be captured in a way that makes it enabling and authoritative, so the insights can impact decision makers.